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Volume 3:1 Theme - (Re)Imagine: Ministry, Service, and Theological Application


The Vanguard Journal of Theology and Ministry team is pleased to announce our 2024 issue theme and invite you to respond to our call for papers. The theme, (Re)Imagine: Ministry, Service, and Theological Application, is an invitation to reconsider, or reimagine—if you will—the ways we approach ministry. In the COVID-19 pandemic, our ecclesiastical approaches, methodology, and missiology, were tested. It was an earthquake that presented an opportunity for reassessment. However, we are reminded in the Epistle to the Hebrews, that we are “receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken” (Hb.12:28). So, how then can we explore new methodologies, which are built upon Christ, the timeless truth, “so that what cannot be shaken may remain” (Hb. 12:27)?  

The theme joins parallel visions expressed by both Vanguard College and PAOC Mission Global, which ask the question: What does it look like to “(re)imagine” ministry, service, and theological application in our workplaces, churches, global missions, neighbourhoods, and families? What fresh, practical, or innovative practices have (or may not have) success and why? To answer these questions, we are appealing to both students, rich with new ministry ideas yet to be tested, and seasoned practitioners, rich in experience and lessons from both successful and unsuccessful ministry practices. Indeed, we are on the cusp of a defining transition, with the baby-boomer generation approaching the twilight of their ministry service, and the baton increasingly being passed onto the next generation. The VJTM team would like to provide this scholarly forum as a platform to present timeless truths with fresh application.  

Submissions can be in the form of book reviews, academic articles, creative prose, poetry, or art. Call for papers closes May 31, 2024.