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Issue Theme

The Vanguard College Library is pleased to present the Vanguard Journal of Theology & Ministry (VJTM)

The VJTM is an open-access journal that publishes scholarly works relating to theology and applied ministry by students, scholars, and pastors/practitioners. It is based out of Vanguard College, an evangelical Bible college affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) in Edmonton, Alberta. Issues are peer-reviewed and published once a year.

This year, VJTM will be publishing its inaugural issue alongside Vanguard College’s 75th anniversary celebrations. The theme for this issue will be “Momentum: Using the Past to Inform the Future.” We are currently welcoming both academic and creative submissions on this topic.


Want to publish your research, exegesis, book review, or other scholarly writing on this topic? Make a submission through our website. We also publish original creative submissions such as personal reflection, short stories, poetry, and artwork! For questions reach us at:

CURRENT STUDENTS: Have a paper you are really proud of? We have an entire section of the journal dedicated to student articles! Email us at if you would like more information about how to submit a paper to the journal, or go ahead and submit on our website.


We are excited about working with the Christian community to 

  • Provide students the opportunity to contribute their perspective to academic discussion
  • Encourage pastors and practitioners to engage in theological and scholarly discussion
  • Promote the integration of theological study with applied ministry experience


Want to get more involved? We are looking for volunteers! Send an email to to find out more.