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The Wind of the Spirit in the Local Church

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This paper describes the work of the Holy Spirit in empowering local and global missions, and asserts that this was the momentum experienced by the early church in the book of Acts (Acts 2). It examines how the Holy Spirit’s presence in the early church can create the same momentum and empowering work that is needed today in both local and global missions. The paper is introduced with a brief historical review of the manifestations of the breath and wind of YHWH in both the Old and New Testaments. The next three sections describe the work of the Spirit’s empowerment of the local church in three specific areas. The first area looks at the roles of the local church in enacting the commission, evaluating, and holding fast to truth in the public square. The second area connects the local church with equipping and training global workers. The third area continues the work of the Spirit in building relationships and sending out local and global workers. The disciples’ momentum was impelled by the local rushing mighty wind of the Spirit, which then created a global movement. For this to happen in the local church today, there must be room for the working and manifestation of the Holy Spirit to transform lives. In conclusion, an invitation is given to the reader today, as it was when Christ was born: Is there any room for the Holy Spirit to work in the local church? The wind and power of the Spirit demonstrated in the book of Acts will empower the local church’s roles, responsibilities, and relationships to be effective in missions locally and globally.


local church, Holy Spirit, breath of YHWH, global missions, church roles, church responsibilities, church relationships, hypocrisy, words and deeds, local missions, global church, Acts 2, Christopher J. H. Wright, theology of missions, missions theology, early church models, missions