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The Story of Indigenous Ministry in Alberta: A Study on the Relationship between the Evangelical Church and the First Peoples of Canada

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This essay provides a brief summary of a project on the history of the actions and changing philosophies of the evangelical church in their relationship with Indigenous peoples in Alberta. An overview of the original project’s research design is provided, followed by three main sections. First is a broad historical overview of the relationship between the evangelical Church and Indigenous people, beginning with the first contact by European settlers in the 18th century. This is followed by a short section on changing philosophies of missions work with Indigenous peoples within the Euro-Canadian church. Finally, a summary of the main philosophical and cultural debates currently and historically taking place within the context of Indigenous ministry is included. The purpose of these discussions is to equip readers, particularly Christians, with a better understanding of the complicated context of the Church’s ministry actions towards Indigenous people in Alberta


indigenous ministry, First Nations, Evangelism, Church history, Evangelicalism, Evangelical history, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Alberta history, First Nations ministry, contextualization, Indigenous peoples, Indigenous Christians, Indigenous church